How to Provide an Outrageous Client Experience

At Progrexion we have hundreds of acronyms. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if I found out Progrexion was some type of next level ninja Acronyn. I’m going to talk about a very important acronym for Progrexion: P.A.C.E. I’d like to go over what the P stands for.

Provide an Outrageous Client Experience:

But what does that mean? It means every single employee here tries to go above and beyond the realm of what is considered good customer service to our clients. Each one of us have different clients. Our agents have the callers calling in. Our paid search team and design team have their vendors and ad partners. On the affiliate side we have our affiliates and partners. Read More

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Fantasy Football Can Lead to Marketing Success

It’s that time of year again.  The weather is starting to cool down and stadiums around the country are beginning to fill for weekend football.  The sports fanatic at your place of employment may have roped you into a fantasy football league and you don’t know a thing about the NFL (thank you auto draft!).  Or maybe you host your own league with your high school buddies and have a small fortune riding on the season.  No matter your personal level of involvement, Fantasy football can remind us marketers about a few important concepts.

Fantasy football inspires conversation

People like to talk.  People like to hear themselves talk.  What is there to talk about?  Not sure about your office but mine has been humming with fantasy talk such as “who put up the most points?” and “Julius Thomas killed it week 1!”  Give your customers something to talk about.  If you don’t personally talk about the cool things your company is doing, then most likely your company isn’t doing anything worth talking about! When you give your customers something to talk about, they will share experiences with their friends, family, and co-workers, which in turn equals more future customers. Read More

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4 Steps for a Great Social Media Strategy

Social media is a relatively cheap and easy way to reach your audience. But what you show them matters more than you think. If your content isn’t relevant and timely, it’s likely your audience will skip right over it and click on the funny cat video instead.  There are a few things you can do to make sure your audience engages with

your content:

Be Relevant

What does your business do? If you’re a fashion brand, you’re likely to post about Fashion Week, new trends, and the latest wearable tech. If you’re a credit repair brand, like us, those topics won’t resonate with your audience. Do an audit of your recent posts and figure out what your audience is engaging with the most. Once you know what your audience is interested in, it’s easy to create a social strategy surrounding that topic. Don’t forget to respond to the comments you receive on social media. Keeping the conversation going with your consumers will keep you in their minds. Read More

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“Can we Talk?” – Joan Rivers (1933-2014)

This week we lost a pop culture icon, Joan Rivers. While I will be the first one to admit that I wasn’t an avid Joan Rivers fan, I think there are a lot of amazing things that Joan Rivers epitomized.

Joan Rivers carried a strong opinion. She was not afraid of sharing her opinion and, in fact, she became known for sharing it. As a Marketer, I have a strong opinion and I work with many people that share the same. We each carry our own personal beliefs and opinions, which make sense to us and ring true in our minds. It can be hard to remember that we tend to think we are always right, that our opinions are fact. In reality, the customer’s opinions is always right.  I think it’s appropriate to echo what Joan Rivers said many times, “Can we talk?”.

Here are 5 things customers want to tell us, if we were to collectively talk to them right now: Read More

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Deliverability – The Underrated Email Metric

Opens, clicks, click-through rate, volume… The list goes on of important metrics when considering the success of an email campaign. However, all too often these seem to overshadow the importance of tracking the less fun metrics that influence deliverability.

What is email deliverability?

Deliverability is essentially the likelihood of getting an email into a subscriber’s inbox. While this may sound fairly simple, there are many factors that go into ensuring the delivery of emails to the inbox. When you think about it, this makes deliverability one of the most important aspects of email marketing. It doesn’t matter how many email addresses you are sending to if those emails will never make it to the inbox.

What can be done? Read More

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How to Run a Successful Lead Gen Campaign

As you may know, I manage the lead generation program. For the three of you who read my blog last quarter, I explained what lead gen is. Now I’m going to go into what makes a lead gen campaign successful:

1. Deliver quality leads.

If you are selling credit repair services (like we are) you won’t want to collect leads for people who are interested in Crate & Barrel catalogs. You want to collect leads from sites, landing pages, or e-mail lists that funnel the people into categories that are relevant for your brand or product. Read More

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