What is MBWA?

You may have never heard this acronym before. MBWA – Management by walking around.  This refers to a style of business management which involves managers wandering around through the workplace, at random, to check with employees about the status of ongoing work.  The expected benefit is for the manager to keep a pulse on what is going on with morale, productivity, and the general standing of his or her’s team.

This was how founders Bill Hewlett and David Packard ran their eponymous computer company. After Tom Peters and Robert Waterman wrote about it in their 1982 blockbuster bestseller In Search of Excellence, MBWA became a buzzword for management.  I was just introduced to this practice a few weeks ago.  It struck me as an obvious concept, but as I reflected on my behavior every day, I realized that it does not come naturally to me. I am much more inclined to sit behind my desk all day, buried in work.

As I started to study MBWA, many case studies pointed out an increase in the following:  Read More

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Introducing Graphic Designer, Sydnie Kocher

Hi all! My name is Sydnie Kocher and I am the newest Graphic Designer at Progrexion. I’ve been here a little over two months and I love it. The fact that I landed such an amazing job right out of college is still unbelievable to me and I feel so lucky to be here doing what I love. The people here are amazing and very motivating. It’s always fun to come to work each day.

I graduated from Southeast Missouri State University with a Bachelors in Fine Arts in Graphic design. SEMO (short for Southeast Missouri) is in a small town called Cape Girardeau. Fun Fact: If you read the popular novel Gone Girl, part of that movie was filmed in Cape Girardeau when I was there at school. Anyway, I was born and raised in Illinois until my family moved to Utah after I graduated high school. I came to visit and discovered how beautiful Utah is and decided I DID NOT want to go back to Illinois and now I work with all you awesome people here at Progrexion! Read More

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Data, Assumptions, & Decisions (part 1)

Think of all the decisions we make in a day. For me, it starts with my alarm going off at 5:30 and the decision to get up or sleep longer. Assuming I choose to get up, the next decision is whether I run on the treadmill or do some other type of exercise. And the list of decisions goes on and on. Each decision in life is based on two things: data and assumptions.

We take in data all of the time. When I wake up, I use my senses to take in data that answer all sorts of questions: what time is it? Has the sun come up? Am I still tired? What day of the week is it? How do I feel? We also make assumptions all of the time: if it is a weekday, I assume I need to go to work; if I choose to get up, I assume that the benefits of getting up and exercising outweigh the benefits of continuing to sleep; if I choose to run on the treadmill, I assume that the treadmill will work; I assume that when I turn the light on the room will be illuminated. We then repeat this process with every decision we make throughout our day. Read More

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Is John Legend a Marketing Genius?

I recently had the opportunity to attend Responsys Interact in San Francisco.  The show was full of great speakers and content, but by far the most memorable was a keynote address from 9-time Grammy winning artist, John Legend.  Walking into his address, I doubted that he would really have anything valuable to say about marketing, but I was absolutely wrong.  I walked out of his address impressed, so  I’d like to share just a few of my key takeaways. Read More

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Preparation Tips for Getting the Most out of an Affiliate Conference

With Affiliate Summit coming up this weekend, I wanted to share preparation tips for getting the most out of an affiliate conference. For those outside the industry, Affiliate Summit is the largest and most well-known affiliate conference in the country.  The conference is hosted by Shawn Collins, typically in New York (Affiliate Summit East) and Las Vegas (Affiliate Summit West).  Over the past years, Shawn expanded the destinations and events, and so it now includes the great city of Austin, Texas as well as other locations.

Progrexion consistently attends both the New York and Las Vegas conferences as we continue to grow Lexington Law and CreditRepair.com.  It is a valuable resource for meeting with existing partners, finding new partners and opportunities, and keeping a pulse on the industry trends.

1.)   Set your goals:

Clearly, definitively, and demonstratively, such as:

  1. I will learn or re-learn 3 techniques for making my job easier and will employ at least one of these within 1 week of my return
  2. I will add at least 5 new strategic partners who will produce at least 5% of my new client referrals over the next 90 days Read More
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