Make Your Marketing Matter

As we brainstorm ideas, create products, and build websites we often miss what’s “in-between” – – we miss the “meaning”. We can create beautiful websites, ads, and landing pages, but what does it mean to the user?

Why do they care? Users don’t seek out a website to play with the parallax design, or observe the color scheme used for a chart; they seek out a website to find information, meaning, and find solutions. They’re looking see pictures of their friends, purchase a dress for the big party, or balance their finances and budget for their dream home. It is those meaningful experiences that are adapted and integrated into our users lifestyles. Read More

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5 Reasons to Start a PPC Campaign

Coming from an agency background I saw many businesses that had still not harnessed the power of online advertising. In this day and age where Internet access has become readily available, online advertising is more important than ever.

Pay per click or PPC is one type of online advertising that can be used by businesses large and small, as well as local and global.  There are many popular search engines that have made it easier for businesses to set up their own PPC campaigns. With PPC, a business can pay to have their ads show up in the top positions of search engines, rather than relying solely on SEO.

Below are 5 reasons to hopefully motivate you to start advertising your business through PPC.

1. Show in top positions quicker than SEO

It can take months for your business to show at the top of the page with SEO. However, with PPC you can pay to show up on the top positions of the search results page. PPC can compliment SEO by allowing your business to show up at the top of search results until your SEO campaign is optimized. Read More

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Introducing Paid Search Coordinator, Kevin Cook

Oh, what’s in a name!?

Kevin (Handsome), Harvey (Army-Warrior), Cook (Someone that prepares food).   So what’s in my name? I am a Handsome Army-Warrior that prepares food.  However, despite my non-existent narcissistic zeal, I would in this case amend my original statement to this; I am a Handsome Army-Warrior that is a Paid Search Coordinator at Progrexion Marketing and I enjoy eating food. 

Since this is my first blog post, I believe that an introduction is in order.  My career choice of digital marketing may seem a bit paradoxical for those that know me.  I have always been a laggard in technology.  For example, I’ve finally upgraded my fancy flip phone to my first smart phone, I downloaded my first app by myself two days ago, and I am currently writing my first non-school required blog.  The idea of me wanting to pursue a career in digital marketing may seem unfathomable, but as is the case with many paradoxes – it’s true. Read More

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