Introducing Digital Marketing Analyst, Scott Sweeten

My name is Scott Sweeten and I am a new Digital Marketing Analyst here at Progrexion Marketing.  I have now been with Progrexion for about a month and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to come and work here.  The atmosphere and co-workers here have been exactly what I was looking for in a new employer.  Many thanks go to my team who have all been extremely helpful and supporting during this period of transition.

I am originally from Sacramento, CA and my family moved here when I was about 10 years old.  Since then I have always lived along the Wasatch Front here in Utah.  I am a graduate of the University of Utah (Go Utes!) and I am a big time sports fan.  I am an especially big San Francisco 49’ers and Giants fan as those were the teams I grew up watching in California.  I am a big proponent of being active, and my favorite sport to play is definitely volleyball. Read More

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Introducing Talmage Call, Offline Marketing Manager

Hello blog. My name is Talmage Call.  If you don’t want to risk the pronunciation, you can go with Tally if it’s easier. I am new to Progrexion and have been here nearly 2 months.  I manage the offline channels for  I have enjoyed the opportunity of working with our agency and media

partners to ensure that sales and awareness come from these channels. I have also enjoyed getting to know all of my co-workers at Progrexion.  These people definitely know how to eat and thoroughly enjoy food. Read More

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How to Create Quality Advertising

In my last year in college, a friend of mine approached me and asked me to advertise for his company by placing a vinyl sticker on my car. I was actually compensated a small sum monthly by adding the sticker to my back window. The sticker had the name of the company, a link to the website and a phone number for their business office. Being in college, a few extra dollars each month was definitely useful and I didn’t mind. I was attending college in a small town in Idaho and he had 2 other people place his advertisement on their car as well.

The business was for house rental listings in that small college town. I was studying marketing and advertising at the time and I was curious as to how the advertisement was performing. I asked him a month after placing the sticker on my car how it was going and it had significantly increased the traffic on his website and drove several more calls per week from potential clients. I was impressed. Read More

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The ABC’s of Content Marketing

I recently had the opportunity to attend a marketing conference in South Carolina dedicated to Content Marketing. One of the presenters was from the agency behind every brand’s dream, the infamous Oreo 2012 Super Bowl power outage tweet that went viral with over 10,000 retweets in only one hour. In this blog I will share the “Content Marketing ABC’s” they follow when creating similar impactful content.

A-     Applicable

You need to make sure your content is applicable to your audience. Ask yourself “Why should people care?” or “Will they be inspired to care?” Like in our Oreo example, find out any relevant news that relates to your business or target market and leverage it. Read More

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Should Your Own Marketing Channel Stand Out?

For anyone who has been to Disneyland or Disney World you have probably noticed that all of the workers there are called cast members. Although they all have different jobs to do they are referred as such because they are part of a big show/play/experience that is Disney. It is true that they are each a part of the cast but I think that loses the meaning of what the actual person does for the company. The same is true for the marketing cast member.

I am a marketing cast member but I am more than that. I am a graphic designer, UX/UI designer, motion designer, photographer, and so much more.  I think it is important to have these and for people to know all of your possible titles, which are just another way of stating what you are qualified to do. If those you work with don’t know what you are fully capable of then it hinders your growth and the growth of the company. Read More

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Adapt Your Marketing to Your Customer

In college I had a class taught by a hippy where he would dance around the class and play the drums. I thought it was very strange at first but I ended up learning more in that class than maybe any other class. One of the main things we would discuss in the class is coevolution. Coevolution is the study of two things evolving simultaneously. One must evolve to continue to adapt with the other. If it doesn’t evolve it risks the threat of disappearing altogether.

Here is a quick example. A certain species of moth was risking extinction by owls because they would always eat them. The moth slowly evolved to look more and more like it’s surroundings and so the owls were all of a sudden in trouble. What happened? The owls eye sight started to get better to spot the moths and they slowly evolved together. Read More

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4 Ways to Personalize Your Marketing Message

Everyone likes to feel that they belong and fit in with the crowd. However, at the same time people often want to stand out in the same crowd to which they belong. While this may seem a little counter intuitive, take for instance the world of professional sports. You will have a hard time finding a team where the players do not have their names displayed prominently on the back of their uniforms. While this may seem a bit vain, it is basic human nature and it’s an important lesson for marketers to learn.

Let’s consider how this basic human nature can relate to your brand’s audience. With the recent obsession of marketing’s new favorite topic, big data, the door has been left wide open to capitalize through personalization. However, as much as everyone likes to talk about big data and personalization, it can be hard to know where to start. So let’s lay out the best way to go about setting up your message personalization. Read More

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Monetize Your Marketing like the U.S. Soccer Team

US Men’s soccer head coach Jurgen Klinsmann is either a visionary or a heretic.

For the past 129 years, US Soccer has always been the awkward little step-brother in the world’s realm of football.

We have always had American grown players being coached by American grown coaches.  Klinsmann is German born and German raised.  He has played a significant role in Germany soccer’s success for the past 20 years.  In 2011, he left the 3–time World Cup champion European super power, to a team that did not qualify for the World Cup for 40 years. 40.  That’s half of a lifetime. That’s Two Score for those Lincoln fanatics. Read More

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How Analytics and Communication Relate

Pretend you are data mining, you find something and you are super excited about it. Then you present it to the business and they could care less—or worse they shut you down completely. Similarly, have you ever received an assignment and, once you completed it and gave it to them, they said, “What I really want is…”

Both of these examples are showing the same thing: communication problems. I can hear what you are saying: “I am an analyst, all I do is run an analysis and send it out. The numbers speak for themselves.” In college, my statistics professors used to tell us that the best thing we could do is learn how to communicate well with others. They used to joke that they were going to start requiring communications courses as part of the stats major. I have finally come to understand that they are not wrong. Read More

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4 Attributes of Successful Affiliates

As an Affiliate Manager, I consult a wide array of advertisers and publishers, from multi-national firms, to the weekend affiliate warrior. It is one of my favorite parts of my career. Every affiliate I partner with and help grow their business has unique challenges they are facing—they also have unique talents to find success. I consistently get asked, “What are your best affiliates doing?”

Here are the attributes I find in the most successful:

They stay Hungry: Affiliates who consistently want to know “what else” they can do find success much sooner than those who are “content”.  These guys are the hungry ones, they’re the ones that make that extra blog post, test out one more set of keywords, and rotate that old banner for the new one. These are the ones the big companies fear the most. Read More

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