Lead Generation 101

Recently, I heard my Dad explaining to someone what I do. I thought, “He cannot be talking about me…”

He was.

The more I have explained what my job is to people, the less I blame him. This is typically how small talk goes, in my world:

“So, what do you do?”

“I work at a company called Progrexion… I’m on the marketing team… I manage the Lead Generation channel…”

“Oh! So, like, marketing… Do you like it there?”

“Yeah, I do. It’s nice because I really like the people I work with and I like my job.”

“That’s awesome that you like the people you work with. Makes a big difference.” Read More

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With Great Projects Come Great Responsibility

Recently the Progrexion team has taken on an enormously complex project called: Automated Forecasting and Invoicing in the Business Management System.  This project is unique because it involves many departments across the company, and the nature of the logic that is being built is extremely intricate. Projects between our marketing team and IT team, our marketing team and creative team, etc. are fairly common. But this project has involved our marketing, IT, creative, and accounting teams! Wow. It’s not often so many departments collaborate together through the inception, build out and launch of a project.

As I’ve participated in this cross-functional project, I have learned a lot about working on a project of this magnitude. Here are some tips as you jump into projects that require teamwork between many departments: Read More

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Take Your Affiliate Program To The Next Level

Albert Einstein is often paraphrased for his definition of insanity when he said that it was doing something over and over again and expecting different results. It is something that I remind myself of all the time. In life or work, there are things I do all the time where I repeat the same process and hope that things will be different for some reason the next time. By this definition, I’ve been “insane” on many occasions in my life.

The Hotswap Affiliate Program in our company is well oiled machine that provides partners and call centers a great opportunity to optimize poor credit leads, which also providing companies without call centers a chance to monetize leads over the phone that they otherwise would not be able to capitalize on. I came on as a new manager of this channel nearly a year ago and essentially tried to provide value without changing anything big, with the fear of damaging the company’s “baby”. It was no different than when your Dad lets you take his nice car out on a date. The last thing you want to do is damage that car. Read More

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Fail Fast | The Benefits of Taking Risks

We had just crossed a treacherous river, 2 hours into a breathtaking hike and only 50 yards upstream from that very river that empties into the raging waves of the Pacific Ocean. A sign was posted immediately before the river crossing, a sign that stated 80+ people that had died in the currents within the area where the river meets the ocean. This particular part of the hike, the first river crossing, does not allow for much time to make a recovery in the event of a misstep. In fact, a middle-aged, athletic woman had drowned in this very spot just a few months prior. She took 1 poorly placed step, slipped into the river, and was thrust into the rip currents that lie in wait where the river meets the ocean.  The beach and coastline below the river crossing are extremely deadly, especially in the wintertime. The rip currents here are quite strong and pull you in a northward direction, thrusting you into a stretch of coast far from civilization and in an area where it’s impossible to pull yourself to safety. In fact, you would have to endure 3-5 miles of being pulled northward until you would even have even an opportunity of finding a beach that would allow you to escape the ocean and rip currents.

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How To Effectively Manage Time by Prioritizing Your Tasks

We all know how it feels to want to be productive but then finding yourself getting caught up in busy work rather than effective work. The result? 5pm comes around and you find that nothing really got done that made any difference.  You may have avoided or missed the important things that should have been a priority for that day.

Planning and prioritizing is the most important part of time management. Research shows that for every 1 minute you spend planning, you will gain 10 in execution. Planning will allow us to achieve our goals and objectives. Abraham Lincoln reportedly once said, “If I had 60 minutes to cut down a tree, I would spend 40 minutes sharpening the ax and 20 minutes cutting it down.”

Oftentimes, everything you have to do feels like a priority, which makes it difficult to know where to begin. Here are some prioritization tactics that I have found helpful when trying to plan out where I should focus my time each day. Read More

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The Power and Benefits of Direct Mail

In the fast paced world that we live in it is often hard to get your message heard, let alone stand out in the mind of consumers. With the increases in technology recently, it has opened many doors for marketers to reach and target consumers in new and innovative ways. Social media, display, SMS and many more new platforms have been very successful for marketers in reaching their audiences. However, these platforms have also created a problem of digital clutter.  As we are able to reach more people using technology it becomes tricky to be heard and not ignored. So rather than trying to reinvent the wheel to be heard, why not consider what already exists?

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The Power of Display Advertising

“What exactly DO you do???”

I seem to get this question a lot from family members and friends when I tell them I do “Display Advertising.” After explaining what our company does, I usually go into this type of explanation:

“Well, Mom, you know when you go to Nordstrom.com to find those shoes you wanted? And then you go to ksl.com to check the weather the next day and all of a sudden you see those shoes flashing at you in an ad on the side of the page? That’s what I do. I figure out who to show those ads to.”

Mom: “Oh those ads always creep me out! How did they know I was looking at those exact shoes??”

Me: “Yes, what I do can seem creepy, but can also be terribly affective. Didn’t you think about those shoes again and consider buying them?” Read More

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Jack Sparrow, Steve Jobs and The Power of Being Different in Marketing

In 2003, Pirates of the Caribbean was nothing more than an attraction at Disneyland… and Michael Jackson’s house.  Pirate movies as a whole really hadn’t done well at the box office and, in general, really weren’t that popular. The most popular pirates were the baseball team in Pittsburgh. Now it seems we have a cultural fascination with swash bucklers, gold chests, and all things pirate! Arrrrrrrrgh matey! What has changed? Someone dared to be different.

Johnny Depp Dared To Be Different

When Johnny Depp originally unveiled his vision of Captain Jack Sparrow, Disney executives were shocked! They didn’t know if Jack Sparrow was some sort of drunk or freak. One Disney executive (who will remain nameless) even proclaimed “He’s ruining the film!” Oops.

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