Trade Shows

I attended my first trade show in November of 2008. It was AdTech in New York City. Everything about it seemed amazing. It was probably because of my own inexperience but I remember how packed the show was. The booths were lining every inch and everyone wanted to come through the exhibit hall.

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At this moment, I feel inspired, and that’s always a great feeling. I am flying back from a great industry conference, Mozcon and one of the presentations was exactly what I wanted/needed to hear. Mike Pantoliano from Distilled gave a great crash-course on Marketing Attribution. Attribution is the system of giving credit to the contribution points before a goal is achieved. In marketing, the contribution points can be marketing channels and the achievements often are sales. To illustrate this, here is an example of attribution
marketing from my own life.

Many channels typically play a role in a conversion. Measure them, understand them, and credit them!

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