Being a Leader

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams

When put into a management position you need to become a leader in some way or another. Some people would never consider themselves a leader but when put into a situation you have to make it work. In the last 2 years in my management position I’ve learned that I can’t try & be like other leaders around me, I have to be myself. But how do you do that? Focus on your strengths. Some people are excellent at giving presentations while others are terrified of it. Some people excel in organization while others make a messy trail wherever they go. Focus on what you excel at, and strengthen those you lead through that example.

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Checks & Balances

Yesterday I made a mistake. I was typing in a number and hit a 7 instead of a 4 on the 10-digit key pad. I missed the mistake and the double check I had in place missed it as well. The calculation was in a reasonable range of where it should be and so I pushed forward with the report and sent it out. The mistake was caught and pointed out in the big weekly department meeting by the VP as we were looking at the report. I was embarrassed, to say the least. But more than that, it pointed out a flaw in my Quality Assurance (QA) checks. There was not an opportunity to fix it or even investigate it during the meeting. However, immediately after the meeting I went to my desk, found the problem, fixed it, sent out an updated report, and added a new QA check that would make it so this problem would not happen in the future. Once I reached my desk, it took no more than 60 seconds to do everything I just listed, but the damage had been done.

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Going Mobile

Our SMS text message campaigns have always done well, but it’s only been the last couple of months that I’ve realized how valuable that particular medium is. SMS messages give you the ability to contact your leads immediately and effectively.

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The Process

A few years ago I made the very grown up move to purchase my first home, a sweet little place not far from downtown Salt Lake. I had some basic criteria (at least three bedrooms, attached garage, more than one bathroom), but found myself mostly ok with compromising on a number of other points. The yard included. In fact, I compromised a lot on the yard… and I have spent the last two summers ripping a near jungle out of the front and back. It’s been an unbelievable amount of work, and also the best therapist I could ask for. But this summer… the real fun begins: I’m putting the yard back in.

I have been overwhelmed at the task, and I haven’t really known where to start. That’s when I realized I needed to attack my yard, the same way I do my creative process. So, that’s exactly what I did.

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What Happened to Work?

I grew up in a home where both of my parents worked full time. It’s the same scenario that I would imagine most people grow up in. Because of that I had two examples of people who worked extremely hard for everything they had and took pride in their work. They never saw work as a burden that could be avoided but as a part of life that was necessary for survival and happiness. Despite the hard days in the office I never heard any inkling that they would rather have it any other way.

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Brand vs. Non-Brand SEO

Brand SEO

Large corporations and a lot of small businesses usually rank #1 in search engines for their brand name, with some exceptions of course. If your brand name is in the URL of your website this is more likely. For example, Lexington Law (a credit repair law firm) with a domain name of is likely to dominate the search results for their own name. Traffic trends for an established company, with a strong brand name, SEO might look like the graph below. There is very little opportunity for an SEO to optimize the website for the brand name.

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Staying Mobile

Bucket list – run half marathon – CHECK, well half a check. A couple weeks back, I ran, ok I’ll be honest, I completed the Salt Lake City half marathon. Let me first start off by saying that I’d consider myself a casual runner…I started back up after the birth of my son 4 months ago, to help lose the baby weight. I would run 3-4 miles maybe once or twice a week, when I could – but I had never run that far, for that long, all at once. So when I was persuaded, into running the ½ marathon with only 6 days’ notice and hardly any training, I knew it was going to be grueling and that I would have to dig deep and rely on mental toughness and my iPhone to get me to the finish line… no Siri didn’t run it for me – but that gives me an idea…

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Be Inspired

One thing that I make a conscious effort to do through my work day involves seeking out ideas, concepts, conferences, and articles and that keep me inspired. For me, it’s very easy to get bogged down in the problems of the hour, day or week. Constantly staring at my to-do list, and working my way through checking off items that need to be handled, can stifle my creativity if I don’t take time to look outside my world of influence for new ideas. Being inspired is a great feeling, and I see direct results in my productivity, brainstorming, and follow through when I make “being inspired” a priority.

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What Does a Fitness Trainer Know about Internet Marketing?

A month leading up to my recent vacation, I decided to try to get in better shape by doing a workout video by Jillian Michaels. Anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t enjoy working out and hardly ever do. Oh, and I’m from the South so I love my fried foods and carbs. I have no idea how to read food labels and no concept of portion control. Perhaps what pushed me is my husband started P90X and is doing great with it!

I picked up a 30 day workout, which means 20 minutes of high-intensity workouts every day for 30 days (basically 20 minutes of hell every day).For someone who hardly ever works out, I felt great about myself for keeping up with it for 22 days straight! I had to stop due to an injury, which was frustrating, but I actually found out that I enjoyed the short interval workouts as opposed to hours at the gym.

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3 Ways to Market Your Business Online

There are countless aspects to online marketing and there are some non-traditional ways that I want to cover in this post today. You can get additional traffic and generate more sales by adding any of these aspects to your existing online campaigns if done right.

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