Branding vs Advertising

I went to a family event this past weekend. My mom told my nephew he should get a haircut. He laughed and said, “But Grandma, I look like Harry Potter.” This is branding.

Think about the last time you watched television. What commercials did you see? Do you remember any of them? I don’t. This is advertising. Do you remember some books and television shows you watched as a kid? I do. Some had a big impact on me.

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Hiring at Progrexion Marketing – Part 2: Hire entry level

In continuing with my “Hiring at Progrexion Marketing” blog series (if you missed the first one, check out Be Cool), here goes part 2.  Hiring is a constant challenge for any company. Finding the right people with the right skills is time consuming and a drain on resources. What can you do to minimize this?

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First Impressions:

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

For email marketers you get one chance to make the impression that will dictate whether your customer ignores, deletes, or opens your message – what is the determining factor? From & Subject Lines.

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Teamwork: I’m into it.

High 5

I have spent countless hours in high school basketball gyms watching my niece play ball. I’m addicted. Shamelessly and I don’t care who knows it. And part of the reason I love it, is how “team” focused her Coach has been. Every game starts with a choreographed warm-up routine of passing, and shooting drills. The team dressed identically, down to their shoe laces, each knows the “dance” by heart. After each drill, a series of encouraging hi-5’s, positive cheers, and the like all happen while music fills the gymnasium.

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The battle against: “One Word, Many Meanings”

In working across departments here at Progrexion, I see how easily the same word can carry a different definition from one group to another. When working with Human Resources, Teleservices, Marketing, Legal, Teleservices, and Development – oftentimes one of the biggest hurdles we face is making sure we’re talking about the same thing.  Even though we are SAYING the same thing, we often MEAN different things. Because each department has a unique perspective and differing priorities as far as what is important to look for, you’ll find each person has subconsciously given their own personal twist to what specific words means. Read More

Keep it Under Control

January brings in its fair share of excitement. New Year’s resolutions are made, the holidays have passed and for some reason it brings in a lot of financial excitement. Products and services that are related to finances and taxes see a big boost in the first quarter of the year. Credit Repair is no exception to this excitement.

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The Big Red Ball Theory

We have an awesome culture and environment at Progrexion. On 11-11-11 at 11:11:11 something special happened. The fun group at Progrexion decided we needed to commemorate the “11’s” in style. Yes, we also should probably credit the fact that 11-11-11 fell on a Friday and we all needed a fun way to end a busy week. In our fun, crazy way we came up with a plan to drop a gigantic red exercise ball off the roof of the building at precisely 11:11:11 on 11-11-11. Please enjoy the amateur video of the event found at the conclusion of the article. Read More

Marketing Ideas from a 5-year old

“Why don’t you get some more expensive money?”

This is the quote I heard from my 5 year old cousin last week. We were shopping at Target and his mom told him he could not get the toy he picked out because it was too expensive. What a clever kid! I would love to know where to get that expensive money myself! Read More

Prioritizing Tasks

As a full-time employee & full-time mom I know the meaning of busy. I understand that there are a lot of tasks that need to be done each day, week & month. It can get overwhelming to see a list of to-do’s that aren’t being crossed off so I thought this month I’d focus on how to prioritize your to-do list so that it 1. Minimizes your stress level & 2. Maximizes your efficiencies.

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The Power of Networking

We have all heard the phrase, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Well, when it comes to business I feel that this expression is often very true. Throughout my years of working in business, I have learned that great networkers make great leaders. Why, you may ask? Great networkers create systems that enable them to connect with people, stay connected, and establish lifetime connections with important people and spheres of influence.

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