How Are Your Analytics Doing?

One of the most common questions in life is “how are you doing?” This question can be used as a greeting.  It can be used to gain insight into someone’s thoughts and feelings. It can be used for many feelings. For most of us, when someone asks “how are you doing?” we respond with a simple “Fine,” or “great,” or “well.” Most of us don’t actually give any insight into ourselves when answering this question. Is this the way we are when we evaluate how our analytics are doing? Read More


Do you ever talk to yourself? No, really, do you?

I do.

All the time.

Maybe too much.

Maybe I am while I am writing this sentence… maybe I just talk too much in general. But that’s beyond the point. Let’s move on, shall we?


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The Customer Experience

Last month we had a little ‘brainstorming session’ where we as a group talked about some of our best experiences as customers; this discussion came to my mind last night while reading Scott Stratten’s book “UnMarketing”. Towards the end of his book he talks about Zappos, and their amazing customer experience. He relays one man’s experience where he bought multiple pairs of shoes for his ill mother, but they never made it to her, as her health declined and she later passed. Time went by and the man never found the time to return the shoes before the return deadline. After writing to Zappos telling his story, the customer service agent arranged for a UPS truck to pick up the shoes the next morning, and also sent flowers with deepest sympathies for his loss. When we have amazing customer experiences, we don’t forget them. Read More

Team Mojo

One of the most critical factors to my success in the workplace relies on who I am surrounded by. The people who I see Monday through Friday, 9 am – 6 pm, have the power to make my job exciting, exhilarating, and accomplished – or to drain me of all my energy, passion, and effort. Luckily, Progrexion has an uncanny ability to maintain a team mojo that can rival any work environment. Here are some areas that I believe all companies who are seeking out the best – in –the –industry professionals, should focus on to provide a killer workplace to help employees thrive:

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Transferring of Information

Mid-December I took on a new role: Direct Response Optimization Manager, and found myself on both sides of job training. At the one end, I’m learning a new area of marketing – attempting to catch on quickly; at the other, I’m trying to hand over my old responsibilities. The one thing I can value: Organization. You get in a role, you work that role, and then you change it, and it’s when you have to hand it over that you see how organized you really are. Read More

Why Not?

I love the question “Why not?” Countless innovations and new developments have come about because of these two words. It’s provided the spark that starts the mind thinking and the energy to keep good ideas coming. But my experience has been that more than a fair number of people in this world choose not to ask that question. In fact, I think most everyone has had to work in an environment where good ideas are discussed and talked about only to be killed by that “one guy” who says it can’t be done. If you’ve never been in a meeting where that has happened, there’s a good chance that you’re that “one guy.” Read More

Google Analytics and RegEx

We all know that analytics is necessary for all marketing campaigns. It is, after all, what proves that your channel is working well, beating goals, and that you deserve a raise. If you haven’t been using analytics yet, it’s definitely time to start. Read More

The Google+ Power Play

In hockey, there is a scenario called a “power play”. Power plays occur when 1 or 2 members of the opposing team are serving a penalty. Those team members that have been penalized are out of the game for a certain amount of time. This puts the non-penalized team at a major advantage because it takes the game from a 5 on 5 player matchup down to a 5 on 4 or a 5 on 3 (up to 2 team members may be in the penalty box at the same time). Read More

Tips for Trade Shows

I just returned home from attending Affiliate Summit West and thought this would be a good time to share some of my thoughts and tips on how to have success at a trade show or convention. I have attended over twenty of these shows over the past few years so I’ve come a long way in what I do to help make the shows a success. Read More

Become a Better Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing is a valuable channel for an advertiser to build awareness of the products or services it sells. As an affiliate marketer, you are an extension of the business and team and you should work together with your affiliate manager to ensure the overall success of the program. After working as an affiliate manager for a few years now, I decided to put together some tips and advice for those who are newer to the industry. Hopefully it will help someone who is eager to grow their program and who may not know where to start. Here it goes – six tips on how to become a better affiliate marketer: Read More