How to Create a Successful Strategic Partnership

I would like to first start off by introducing myself. My name is Jesse Beal and I am the Director of Strategic Partnerships for Progrexion Marketing. I have worked for the company for over 5 ½ years in a variety of different roles. I have enjoyed every position and role that I have served in but I absolutely LOVE what I currently do. I have the opportunity to manage a killer marketing team and assist with growing the business. At the end of the day, I love sales! I love working with partners and forming a strategic relationship that benefits both parties. Read More

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Left Brain — Right Brain

I’d like to introduce myself on my opening post, to help give background into where I have experience and where my passions are in the online marketing space. I’ve been working with Progrexion for the past four and a half years – in that time I’ve worked in the lead generation, paid search, direct response and project management arenas. For me, I love taking big ideas for the business and finding ways to effectively implement changes and new concepts on a detailed level to make sure we’re 1) providing a great consumer experience and 2) becoming more productive and progressive as a company. If I can accomplish those two goals with an initiative, I feel like it was successful effort. Read More

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Analyzing the Analytics

Every day I come into work and I am just amazed that I get to work at a time when I have access to so much data. As a marketing analyst, I get to be around data all day long (and I love it). My philosophy is “if you are not properly analyzing and distributing your data, you are wasting money.” Having talked with many people throughout my professional career, I’ve come to determine that analytics is one of the most misunderstood and underutilized factors of business. Read More

Sable Petersen Introductions

My first day on the job included a catered breakfast, weekend updates, and an unusual introduction from a man without an eye ball. Needless to say, it was just where I wanted to be. I recently had my one year work anniversary, where I sat down and thought about everything I had learned in a short amount of time. It’s been absolutely incredible. Read More

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Does the size of a check box matter?

In the grand scheme of life, the universe and everything, probably not… But, when the goal is to make a crazy complicated form as simple as possible, the answer is absolutely.  And that my friends, is UX.

UX is the hip acronym for User Experience, a fairly new mindset that is an absolute must when designing and creating online experiences. UX has turned into a bit of a buzzword of recent, but the real meaning should never be wiped away as a fad. It took way too long for the web to realize that more than “cool” matters when it comes to design. (Don’t get me wrong… cool still matters, but usability does too). The online experience needs to make sense, be intuitive, and ultimately serve the user. On a commerce site, the goal is to end in a sale (no secret). So why would you make that a complicated thing to do? The answer is simple: you shouldn’t. The path should be clean, clear, and obvious. Read More

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Mobile and Search — Will They Blend?

I love the revered Blendtec campaign, “Will they blend”. I could literally watch the YouTube videos for hours (as an Apple fan boy, the “apple” ones give me heartburn). Stay tuned for one of my favorite ads below (teaser: it’s even an apple product). As I was watching one of the latest Blendtec videos, a thought occurred to me. Almost anything will blend in one of their pricey, but highly effective blenders. I wish I could take a “virtual” Blendtec blender to a few things in my life – for example and most recently, Mobile and Search. Read More

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Communication is Key for Lead Generation Success

It’s pretty sad that someone who has been involved in online marketing for nearly four years has never written a blog post in his life, but that’s me. In my mind, the idea of a blog is reserved for creative mommy’s who want to share ideas about how to reuse old baby blankets. Hopefully I won’t prove that point even further through my posts on Lead Generation. Read More

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Blakely Introductions

My name is Blakely Hankins and I have been with this wonderful company for two years now. I am the Financial Services Affiliate Manager and get to work with a very talented marketing team. I have grown so much since I started here and have learned a million things about affiliate marketing along the way. I am very excited to share some of that knowledge. Read More

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Addie Introductions

I’m proud to say that I have been working for the best marketing company in the state for about four and a half years now. Progrexion is a place of growth, learning & discovery. It’s a place where we can speak our minds, voice our opinions & let our ideas come into fruition. I started out at the company as the front desk receptionist. No experience in the marketing world whatsoever. I learned a lot about Progrexion as a whole & Lexington Law & loved what I was learning. I love working for a company that is genuinely helping others and changing lives. Read More

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Marianne Introductions

Hi there, I’m Marianne! I manage the online affiliate program for Lexington Law.

We have a great affiliate program that allows companies or website owners the chance to make money by promoting Lexington Law and its credit repair services. In fact, our payout is one of the most competitive I’ve seen in the industry. Read More

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